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Advantages of Custom Software

Does your software package compliment you business model? Or do you find that you have to change your business practices to accommodate your software package? This is a common dilemma businesses face when they purchases an over-the-counter software package.Read Post

Developing an Online Presence

“Why am I not getting noticed?” You often hear this around Valentines Day and from people trying to develop an online presence.Read Post

The Overstock Wizard

If you sell books on Amazon you may find the "Overstock Wizard" useful. It uses two Amazon API's (Application Programming Interface). Namely the "Amazon Marketplace Webservice API" and the "Product Advertizing API".Read Post

Agile Software Development

There are many specific agile development methods. Most promote development, teamwork, collaboration, and process adaptability throughout the life-cycle of the project.Read Post

Developer Resources

Bootstrap Resources

In the world of front-end development frameworks Bootstrap offers the most resources (articles and tutorials, third-party plug-ins and extensions, theme builders, and so on) and this is the main reason people continue to choose it.Read Post

Understanding Typography

Design should reflect the spirit of the content. "Content is king" is a popular saying in website design circles. When you are selecting typeface for your website ask yourself; how does the content influence the design?Read Post

Integrating WordPress into a Website

WordPress is the Internets most popular CMS (Content Management System). It includes many features however you may only want to integrate a few of its features into an existing website.Read Post

Google's Page Speed Insights

We have all visited sites that seem to take forever and a day to load. Page speed is an important factor when it comes to user experience. Google has stated that page speed is also a factor in search rankings.Read Post

Mozilla Webmaker

A global community dedicated to teaching digital skills and web literacy. We explore, tinker and create together to build a web that's open and made by everyone.Read Post

WordPress (Custom themes available!)

If you don't have a lot of experience with website design and development WordPress can give you the tools you need to build an online presence. No need to design a theme, WordPress has many free...Read Post

Industry News

Google and Sony Patent Eye Devices

It’s beginning to look like we are on the brink of a cyborg technological revolution. "Timbuk 3" might be inclined to say that "The future's so bright I gotta wear Google Glasses..."Read Post

Mailchimp - Email Marketing and Newsletters

MailChimp is a great newsletter service provider. CINTACS can help you integrate MailChimp into your website. When you sign up for a MailChimp account - you will have access to features that include: templates, custom theming options, a drag and drop user interface, and analytics.Read Post

Content Strategy - Targeting Keywords

When it comes to site traffic and "quality versus quantity", if you have to choose, you would likely rather have relevant traffic with the potential to result in a conversion. (Obviously, you want both quality and quantity but generally you have to sacrifice one for the other.)Read Post

Call To Action

Without a "call to action" your marketing strategy is considered incomplete or ineffective.Read Post

Windows 10 Preview

When Windows 8 was introduced many felt that the relationship between Microsoft and their users had soured. Microsoft is looking to rekindle that relationship with Windows 10.Read Post

​Defining Your Niche

Instead of competing with someone on their terms define your niche and distinguish yourself from your competition.Read Post


You may have noticed that operating systems are currently in a state of transition. Developers are busy working toward the “convergence” of a single code base for multiple devices.Read Post

The Elements of Effective Ad Copy

Posting on social networking sites is often referred to as "microblogging". This has become an effective medium business can use for marketing. Read Post

Why isn't my site getting indexed?

If you want your content to appear in search results; your site has to be crawled and indexed. However there are no guarantees that search engines will crawl and index your site.Read Post

Apple's Spring Forward Event

Next week is Apple's "Spring Forward" event. Apple is expected to announce details concerning the highly anticipated Apple Watch.Read Post

Matt Cutts on WordPress & SEO

If you're wondering who Matt Cutts is and why you should listen to what he has to say. Matt Cutts leads the web spam team at Google and works with the search quality team on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues.Read Post

Ubuntu 14.04 Beta Downloads Go Live

Ubuntu 14.04 - Trusty Tahr is a LTS (Long Term Support) release that will receive support and updates for 5 years rather than the typical 9 months for normal releases. Giving users a solid foundation.Read Post

Microsoft Office Comes To iPad

View, create, and edit Office documents on your iPad® with touch-friendly Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. Read Post