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When it comes to most things, including nonprofit website design, you always get what you pay for. Unfortunately, in the nonprofit sector, choosing the cheapest option is an all too common mistake that many organizations make.

Typically the cheapest option for nonprofit website design means that a person in the organization knows someone that is “really good with computers”. This means that the organization clearly wants a web presence, however, they do not want to pay for it.

The problem with this type of thinking is that the person doing the work is not somebody who does web design professionally. This leads to transient technology workers who won’t always be around long-term. I’m sure that these people have great intentions and possibly even good web design skills, but the biggest issue is that they do not offer longevity. Life can sometimes just get in the way. Starting a family, beginning a new career, graduating college, it happens. People have to move on.

Did you know that the average nonprofit has to restart the process of developing their web presence every two years? This may sound alarming, but it is because a lot of organizations are still stuck in the “cheap is always better” mentality. This could be easily avoided by choosing a professional website design company that will be around for the long haul and will always be at the cutting edge of technology to stay ahead of the curve.

If you decide to go with the cheapest option mentality, you’re always going to end up transitioning from one go-to techie to another. You will be on a non-stop roller coaster ride where you will have to go back to square one to start over every few years.

The solution is to rely on a professional website design company that will always remain both consistent and stable. They will be able to offer you a web presence that will help accomplish the goals of your nonprofit organization. This means a website that will facilitate more donations, volunteers, and awareness. Choosing a professional website design company will cost you far less in the long run and will help you achieve the extraordinary long-term results that you desire.