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Ranking on the internet is like a popularity contest -- you need to keep up with the latest trends.

Maybe your parents told you "that's just a trend" to keep you from getting a tattoo? Because of bad parenting many have developed this "anti-trend" mentality. This mindset does not translate when it comes to website design and development.

A lot of the trends in website design and development are being driven by the way we access content on the internet. Flat design, material design, responsive design -- all aim to accommodate the latest trends -- as the way we access content shifts from desktop computers to mobile devices.

For instance one page scrolling sites are becoming more popular to accommodate navigating a website on a mobile device. (Because clicking links with your finger can be frustrating.)

Keeping up with latests trends can also impact search engine results. Sites that are mobile friendly are rewarded while sites that are not mobile friendly are punished in the rankings.

Test your sites mobile friendliness:

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