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Whether you are posting on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter ultimately you want to get your content noticed.  Especially when you are posting Ad Copy; you want to connect to your audience, develop long term relationships, and drive traffic to your site. You also want to avoid the mistakes that can cost you views. Here are some simple guidelines to follow to develop an effective online marketing strategy and get your content noticed - when your medium is a "microblog".

Include a visual

Don't make the mistake of not including an image or a video in your post. The visual should stand out and catch your audience's eye.

Tie your text to your visual

If your visual catches your audience's eye they will be more inclined to continue reading your post.

Target your audience

You hear dramatic tones in movie trailers. When someone is slamming a politician it is usually accompanied by a sarcastic tone. Set your tone to fit your audience.

Get to the point

Focus your content and decide on one thing you want to say. When you are microblogging you have to keep it short and sweet. Remember a tweet on Twitter is limited to 140 characters.

Include a call to action

Link content from your "microblog" to your "macroblog" by including a "call to action". A typical call to action would include the phrase "Learn more" or "Continue reading".

Add a sense of urgency

Modivate people to action by including phrases like "act now" or "this week only".