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“Why am I not getting noticed?” You often hear this around Valentines Day and from people trying to develop an online presence.

Lets examine some of the dynamics involved in developing relationships and see how they compare to building an online presence.

Developing an online presence is a lot like being in high school - it's a popularity contest. In business it's referred to as branding and social networking.

In high school you'd see people use different approaches when it came to developing relationships. Usually it came down to chasing or being chased and it was based on popularity and appearance.

[Note: By "chasing" you are basically trying to determine if someone would chase you.]

Appearances are easy to discern. It may be superficial but having a nice personality or being smart aren't as noticeable at first glance. How you present yourself and first impressions can often be a deciding factor when it comes to developing a relationship.

Let's examine some of the pros and cons of chasing or being chased.

The benefits of chasing is that you can set your standards but you face the possibility of rejection. You need thick skin and you should use these occasions as learning experiences. (Like learning how to handle rejection.)

The benefits of being chased is that you have more options but you face the possibility of having to hurt someones feelings. (If you are dealing with a client you don't want to burn your bridges. Let them know that it may just be bad timing.) This is know as leading someone on...

Some may say it's better to be chased than to chase. But this is debatable. Ultimately you want options.

If you have no options and you are chasing you may come off as undesirable because you have low value.

(It's like when you are being interviewed and applying for a job. If you already have a job you will be perceived as having more value compared to someone who doesn't have a job. The person who doesn't have a job will make the interviewer question why they aren't currently employed.)

If you have no options and you are being chased you may find yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel. Accepting offers that are beneath your level of expertise. (We've all been there, done that.)

In life you have to start somewhere. “You got no money, you got no car, you got no woman, and there you are.” So basically according to Young MC you have to “Bust a Move”.

Usually you have to take what you can get and work your way up the ladder.

These lessons we learned in high school can be applied online when it comes to building an online presence. You have to start somewhere. You want to hang out at the popular sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+. You want to continually provided interesting content. You want to be engaging. Eventually you will see results and as your online presence grows you'll be able to pursue bigger clients and you'll be able to pick and choose among the clients who are pursuing you.