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Creating Innovative New Technology and Customer Solutions

Reaching your audience can be a challenge in competitive markets. When it comes to gaining recognition the key is standing out in the crowd. You want to be unique. If you are providing the same service as everyone else why should someone choose you over your competitor?

The same is true when it comes to content strategies. You need to have unique content. But what exactly is implied by unique content?

If you are using the same keywords as a competitor you are not creating unique content. Also, if you are using the same keywords on multiple pages you may be competing against yourself in the ranking.

Creating unique content is what will give you a better chance at ranking and allow you to narrow down your competition. A long-tail keyword strategy is important when it comes to ranking for a particular niche. Long-tail keywords are one of the most effective tools you can use to build visibility in search engine rankings.

Anticipating how your audience may access your website is a key factor when it comes to developing this strategy.

Long-tail keywords are unique keywords that don't appear anywhere else on the web in that particular order.

For example CINTACS is an anagram of a long-tail keyword "Creating Innovative New Technology And Customer Solutions". On Google CINTACS ranks #1 for this unique long-tail keyword.

It may not be likely that anyone will search for this particular phrase. However if someone does use this phrase to accesses your website it will likely result in a higher chance of conversion.

Ultimately a company like CINTACS would want to rank for "Website Design". But you have to pick your battles. Ranking for highly competitive keywords involves a more aggressive SEO strategy and the sites ranking for these keywords are likely entrenched in the rankings.

To distinguish yourself you will likely want to include your location. "Website Design in Pittsburgh" is an improvement but still too broad.

Adding more specific information will help you gain more visibility in the rankings.

There are many types of "website design". CINTACS specializes in "responsive" website design. (As more and more people access websites with their cellphones and tablets, the need for responsive website design is in demand. People need websites that can accommodate a wide range of devices.)

By targeting the long-tail keyword "Responsive Website Design in Pittsburgh" CINTACS is able to rank on the first page.

In Conclusion

If there is too much competition for the keyword you are trying to rank for -- you have to define your niche. Include the services you have to offer as well as a location to distinguish your company in the rankings. This helps you target your audience.

Historically keywords that appear in the URL, the title, and first h1 tag have a better chance of ranking. These are areas you want to target. You also want to be descriptive when you are describing your products and services.

(One of the reasons sites like Wikipedia usually ranks high is because Wikipedia is recognized as an authority and a site you can trust to return relevant information pertaining to a search. In many ways Wikipedia serves as an example of what you want to strive for when it comes to ranking.)

  • Check out your competition, see what phrases they may be using. Come up with phrases that are more search friendly.
  • If you have multiple pages on your website you want to diversify your keywords to avoid competing with yourself. Realize each page is an opportunity to get more traffic for different keywords.
  • Get your pages indexed by posting links to your content on your social networks. This will help your site build up recognition as an authority in your field of expertise.
  • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are also great ways to optimize your site. Enabling you to see the search terms your audience uses to access your site.

When you are developing a keyword and content strategy remember that long-tail keywords are easier to rank for -- you have to be creative, understand your audience, and how they might access your page in a search.

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