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We’ve all had to deal with telemarketers or pushy car salesmen. Or we may have been turned off by websites with abusive pop-up etiquette. When it comes to marketing many worry that they will alienate their audience so they never attempt a “call to action” and ask for a conversion.

In an effort to overcome the stigmas associated with marking and pushy salesmen -- we should realize that a conversion doesn’t have to be a hard sell. For example you can offer your audience a monthly newsletter. By providing your audience with a monthly newsletter you keep your audience engaged associating your brand with your area of expertise.

Modal pop-ups can be annoying but they are the most effective tool when it comes to conversions. And there are ways to make them less annoying. For example you can give your audience a few minutes to get into the content and then have a pop-up appear asking them to sign up to your site if they like the content. Make sure the “close” button is visible so people don’t get too annoyed, but you will find that many will join your site because you’ve simplified the process for them.