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Our Methods

Custom software development & website design have become challenging propositions today in the face of changing customer requirements, complex system architectures and ever-evolving technological platforms.

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In order to insure our clients receive rapid delivery and quality solutions we utilize a standard practice that we have developed and refined. We have developed our practices to be centered on the Agile Development Methodology.

We implement our best practices on every project to insure quality and satisfaction.

The following illustrates some key areas in our best practices:

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CINTACS is able to quickly respond to the rapidly growing need for agile development in the software market through continuous education and methodology enhancements.

Our engineers utilize a process that relies on productive, self-organized, and collaborative development teams. Agile techniques focus on repeatedly developing small, high-quality, working pieces of an application in quick succession.

How quick?

We can deliver these pieces as often as every week. After each short development cycle completes, you can operate the part of the application we've developed so far. Give us your feedback based on what you observe, and we'll incorporate that feedback in the development of our next piece of the application. This process continues until the system has grown to meet your needs.

Benefits achieved through the use of agile methodology in custom software and web development

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